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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Master Hari Om (Hari Eranki) Kuchipudi Tour

Hari Eranki (Master Hari Om), is widely recognized as one of the youth torch bearers of Kuchipudi, the ancient Indian classical dance from the state of Andhra Pradesh. A gifted artist from Visakhapatnam,Hari has the unique distinction of being the trendsetter of all forms of Indian dance including Kuchipudi, Bollywood, etc in his new home Hong Kong and is responsible for elevating Kuchipudi to its current prestigious position in this cosmopolitan world city. His ability to teach and choreograph both classical and modern forms of dance with equal finesse and to organize elaborate shows and performances resplendent with traditional costumes, has carved a niche for him amongst several dance teachers in Hong Kong and made him a popular icon and gave him a special place in his students' hearts. With more than 80 students learning Kuchipudi from him,Hari is an able and successful messenger of this art when you consider the fact that none of his students are of Indian origin. Describing dance as a soulful experience,Hari has been instrumental in erasing geographical and cultural boundaries by sharing his art and knowledge to spread the awareness about this beautiful dance.
A child prodigy who started learning dance at the age of 3 and started performing at the age of 5, Hari was born into a family of traditional musicians and is the son of Prof. Sri Suryanarayana Murthy and Late Smt. Nagamamba. A recipient of the scholarship from The Center for Cultural Resources and Training, a division of the Union Ministry of Human Resources Development, Hari is a Kuchipudi Diploma holder from the Telugu University, Hyderabad, India, He is the student of the legendary Kuchipudi exponent and guru Sri Pasumarthi Sitaramiah. Hari's passion for dance has driven him to also learn Kuchipudi in the Kalakshetra tradition from Smt. Bala Kondala Rao and Sri Hari Rammurty, Bharatanatyam from Sri A. Rukmaji Rao and Perini Shiva Tandavam from Sri Nataraj Parameswaran. His love for rhythm motivated him to learn and obtain a certificate in Mridangam from the Telugu University.
Hari performed extensively in India and has won several prizes in various competitions in Kuchipudi dance conducted at national, state and district levels in India. He participated in Kuchipudi International Dance Festivals in India along with the Kuchipudi exponent Smt. Swapna Sundari and his guru. Prior to his ventures in Hong Kong, Hari had been teaching since 1992 in his own dance school in India named Sri Gowthami Kala Vihara which was founded by his mother. He has performed and choreographed for several prestigious events in Hong Kong. Notable amongst them are his performances for Asia Yoga Conference, Udavum Karangal charity shows, International dance extravaganza and others. He has established the tradition of hosting annual Sankranthi Shows by his students and himself and it is one of the most sought after events in Hong Kong.
Hari’s USP lies in his ability to connect to his students and his ability to cater to all kinds of audiences. His dedication to the art, his passion for teaching, and his benevolent personality are unmatched. He has designed several innovative dance workshops. His creative ventures in experimentation while maintaining the pristine quality of the dance have been embraced by the audiences with great enthusiasm and gusto. Hari has been featured in several news articles for his achievements. His Kuchipudi videos on Youtube are extremely popular in this genre and have earned him global fan following.
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The bay area performance is hosted by Yuva Bharathi and will be on Oct. 2nd, 2010. More details on this event - here.
Full tour schedule: here


  1. Kudos to Sankritilaya for sponsoring artists from various genres and showing appreciation to all kinds of classical arts and encouraging all artists.

  2. Would love to see his dance. Is there any snippet in youtube?

  3. There are several youtube videos of Master Hari Om and his students. Please search "Hari Om Kuchipudi" in youtube.